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Day One - Monday, 6th June, 2011 - Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce

Chairman: Bjorn Ottersten, Director, SnT

9:30 Welcome

  • Pierre Gramegna, Director General Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
  • Rolf Tarrach, President of University of Luxembourg

9:40 Policy Session

Interventions from representatives of Public Authorities, Governments, Policy Makers

10:10 Coffee Break

10:30 Visionaries Session

When considering the likely or desirable evolution of the Internet in the next 10 years or more, a number of questions come to mind, which must be addressed by the research community and the Internet stakeholders. These questions are vastly dominated by the technological, economical, social, regulatory and governance influences and impediments that may be expected. Beyond the issues of the architecture or the protocols, the role of wireless communications, the emergence of the Internet of Things, and the totally new domains (smart grids, smart transport etc) and application areas to be Internet enabled, there are as well fundamental concerns that need to be addressed be it in terms of security, trust, reliability, privacy or censorship. This session will provide two different perspectives regarding the likely evolution of the Internet and set the pace for the remainder of the Future Internet Summit.

 Chairman: Joao Da Silva Schwarz, Research Fellow, SnT

11:10 PPP Call Results Session

Case presentations

Each Use Case project will be answering predefined questions, presenting briefly its key objectives, obstacles to overcome, and issues to resolve.

The session will start with the presentation of a video capture of the Launch Ceremony of the FI-PPP.

  • Neelie Kroes, Vice President European Commission (video message)
  • Introduction by CONCORD, Coordination and Collaboration Facilitation for Next Generation Future Internet Public Private Partnerships -  Pauli Kuosmanen, CTO Tivit Ltd,
  • FI-WARE – The Core Project - José Jimenez, Telefonica
  • INFINITY – The Capacity Building Project – Guillermo Cisneros, UPM , Frederico Alvarez, Coordinator

12:15 - 13:10 Lunch


 Afternoon period 13:15 - 17:30 

13:15 PPP Call Results Session (continuation)

  • ENVIROFI – The Environmental Observation WEB and its Service Applications within the Future Internet –  Jose Maria Cavanillas, Atos Research

  • SMARTAGRIFOOD – Smart Food and Agribusiness – Future internet for Safe and Healthy Food from Farm to Fork, Jose Maria Cavanillas, R&D&I Director, ATOS Research

  • FINSENY – Future Internet for Smart Energy – Dr. Werner Mohr, NSN

  • OUTSMART – Provisioning of urban/regional smart services and business models enabled by the Future Internet – Thierry Nagellen, France Telecom, Orange Labs   
  • FI-CONTENT – Future Media Internet for Large Scale Content Experimentation – Martin May, Technicolor,  
  • FINEST – Future Internet enabled optimization of Transort and Logistics Business Networks – by Andreas Metzger, Research group leader 'Software and Service Quality', University of Duisburg-Essen

  • INSTANT MOBILITY – Dr. Martine Lapierre , Thales 

  • SAFECITY – Future Internet Applied to Public Safety in Smart Cities –  Judith Pertejo, ISDEFE

Short break: 5 minutes

Concluding Panel Session

The concluding Panel Session will take the form of a round table where all presenters from the 11 projects, will be given an opportunity to respond verbally to questions from the audience.

Chairman: Jani Kaarlejärvi, Director, International Networks

15:15 Coffee Break


15:45 Speech

François Biltgen, Luxembourg Minister for Higher Education and Research

Chairman: Latif Ladid, Senior Researcher, SnT

 15:50 Smart City Pilots

An increasing number of large scale initiatives been launched throughout Europe, have chosen to relate to the notion of Smart Cities. While still in their infancy, smart cities focus their axes of action on the intelligent use of Internet enabled infrastructures as the vehicle for delivery and exchange of modern, socially relevant, economical and sustainable services in domains as varied as energy efficiency, transport, environment, etc. A central characteristic of a smart city is that of participatory governance where citizens, entrepreneurs and enterprises as the social fabric of a city, through their creativity and active participation, contribute to the innovation processes sustaining social and economic development.

3 representatives of smart city pilots:

Mr. Karl Rossegger, Smart Linz

Prof. Luis Muñoz, Smart Santander

Dr. Marco Pistore, Smart Trento

16:30 Innovative Applications Session

Our awardees:

Jan Petersson 

Gunnlaugur Hjartarson 

Irene Compte 

17:00 Award Ceremony

17:15 Closing speech by Marco Walentiny, President of Luxinnovation

17:30 Reception hosted by Luxinnovation, National Agency for Innovation and Research

Future Internet Summit Award

The Jury

Heikki Huomo

Reinhard Posch
Roberto Saracco

Giovanni Colombo

Jean-Paul Hengen

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wahlster







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